Couples Counseling

The first day of therapy should be the beginning of the last day of therapy"

Addiction Counseling

"It's not what I do, it's what I do next..."

Mac Partlow

Masters-prepared psychotherapist

I base my practice upon the principles that my job is to help you become your own best therapist.

To make you a strong, confident, psychologically-resilient person who knows how to interface successfully with the people, places, and situations in your life. I tend to be very interactive with my clients and I try to make my room an experiential, interpersonal arena so that they can immediately try out new perspectives and behaviors. Anything less would be a waste of your money and my time.
Mac creates an incredible, safe, professional space for clinicians to do their work. In addition to being an excellent therapist with his own practice, he is a valued resource, colleague, and mentor.
Rachel LordKenaga - Mental Health Counselor

As an individual

My name is Mac Partlow, M.A., and I am masters-prepared psychotherapist here in Seattle, Washington with two graduate degrees in counseling psychology. As an individual, I draw upon both my professional training as well as my own life experiences of challenges and growth.

Like any other person, I faced periods of anxiety, depression, and sometimes feeling stuck in either my personal and professional life.

I'm fond of telling clients that I remind myself on a daily basis that I am not the Buddha and because of this have done many years of my own personal therapy and still have a therapist to whom I can hold myself accountable.

As part of a relationship

My professional training as a couple's counselor, my own personal history in a twenty-three year relationship as well as thirty years working with a wide range of couples has given me a broad and deeply rooted perspective on relationships. While I am still open to be surprised, there is probably no type or dynamic of relationship I have not encountered. Most couples come in with at least two issues almost always present. They are usually; poor communication and poor intimacy. It's hard being a couple today. We all tend to live extremely busy lives with obligations and responsibilities that pull us in a million directions.

It's all too easy for relationships to settle into patterns; some healthy, some not so much. The universal dangers are that partners begin to take the relationship for granted and stop putting effort into the process. The other danger is that the unaddressed accumulated "baggage" of the relationship becomes so great that the couple stops listening to each other and reduce each other to a series of arbitrary assumptions. Lastly, couples can fall into the trap that the approaches they try as solutions actually only reinforce each other's undesirable behavior.

As an addict & alcoholic

I deeply value my experience as a recovering addict and alcoholic with twenty-two years sobriety and the recovery lifestyle that keeps me so. On the other hand, I am also very careful not to assume that addiction plays a role with each individual or couple I work with. I use an objective criterion to see if the issue is pertinent or not. If an individual or couple is concerned with addiction I am careful to assess if the problem meets a symptomatic or addictive criteria.

I am passionate about working with individuals and couples on relationship issues and addictions like alcohol abuse or pornography as well as sexual addictions. I am dedicated to some real fundamentals of the human experience like our need for good social and emotional skills as well as subtleties like sexuality and human intimacy issues.

A lot of times stress, anxiety and depression are actually the underlying symptoms to these issues.

Life is action, the use of one's powers.
As to use them to their height is our joy and duty, so it is the one end that justifies itself.

Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes - Chief Justice